COVID-19 is a deadly virus that originated in Wuhan, China. It has spread to more than 190 countries and has severely affected the global economy.

The testing for COVID-19 infection is currently limited due to the lack of enough test kits. Only those persons who show aggravated infection symptoms are being tested.

COVID-19 rapid test kits will solve this problem to some extent. It will bring more people under the scope of COVID-19 tests.

It will directly help in early identification and diagnosis of the infection and contribute towards preventing its fast spread.

The current article provides insights into how to use test kits for COVID-19.

Taking Test Specimen

The test specimen to be used for testing can be whole blood or plasma. The sample needs to be put in the testing well in the COVID-19 rapid test kit.

How to Use Test Kits for Covid-19 (For Beginner?)

The test kit can be used by healthcare workers and reduces the risks of getting infected.

The person being tested can retain their masks while the healthcare worker takes the test specimen.

This helps to break the transfusion chain of this dangerous virus. The results can be checked after 10 minutes. The results provided by these test kits are accurate and reliable.

Checking and Interpreting the Test Results

The test results can be easily checked using coronavirus test kits. The test result can be interpreted by checking the quality line (C ) and the test line (T).

If you observe only the quality line and the test line does not become visible, it means the test specimen is negative.

If both- the quality line and test line- become visible after the test, it denotes a positive test result. The person being tested is positive for COVID-19 infection.

Immediate action should be taken once the test result is positive.

The positive persons should be immediately put in quarantine for ensuring their safety and that of others.

They should also be referred to the nearest isolation center for putting them on suitable medication. If the quality line does not appear in a test result, it means the test is invalid.

You will need to conduct the test again for getting reliable and accurate test results.

The timing of checking the test result is important for its reliability.

If the test result is taken after 15 minutes, it may be unreliable. It is recommended to check the test result within 10 minutes only to get a reliable result.