COVID-19 has become a global pandemic. It has affected more than 190 countries and continues to spread further. Testing is important for early detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. The current article provides insights into the key benefits of using COVID-19 rapid test kits.

Why Rapid Test Kits are Important for Controlling COVID-19?

A rapid test kit helps to test a greater number of people.

Presently, only those persons who have advanced COVID-19 symptoms are only being tested to prioritize the testing. This is due to limited testing infrastructure and testing facilities globally.

As more persons will be tested, it will help to identify positive persons who are currently not being tested due to minor or no visible symptoms. This can help greatly in controlling the spread of COVID-19 globally.

Advantages of Rapid Test Kit

The following are the key benefits of using COVID-19 rapid test kits:

Instant Test Results

The biggest advantage of using rapid test kits for COVID-19 infection is that it provides instant test results. The test specimen can be used in the form of whole blood or plasma.

The specimen is put in the testing well in the kit. The test results are interpreted by checking the quality line (C ) and the test line (T). These rapid test kits can provide results in only 10 minutes.

This is much faster than most of the conventional lab tests for COVID-19 infection. An instant test result helps take immediate corrective action and put the infected person on appropriate medication.

This breaks down the chain of COVID-19 transfusion by protecting others from infected persons.

What is the Advantage of COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit?

Reliable Results

The test results provided by COVID-19 rapid test kits are accurate. They are mostly conclusive and there is no need for performing another conventional lab test to validate the results.

It is important to check the test results within 10 minutes after putting the specimen in the testing well.

If the sample is left for more than 15 minutes, the test results may become unreliable.

Protects Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are at great risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

They work for long hours and test persons who may be infected. COVID-19 rapid test kits use whole blood or plasma as a specimen.

This means that the persons being tested need not take their mask off. This protects healthcare workers from the danger of getting infected.