What is COVID-19 and Current Situation

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is a viral infection that originated in Wuhan, China. The virus has been spreading fast and has spread to most parts of the world.

It has been declared a global pandemic by the WHO.

It is still spreading fast and the number of fatalities is increasing rapidly. COVID-19 does not have a known cure or medication until now.

The only effective way of staying safe from it is to remain in quarantine. Infected people are placed in quarantine while others are strongly recommended to stay at their homes in isolation.

This will help them remain safe from COVID-19 and ensure that they don’t spread it to others.

Current Testing Status

The current testing facilities for COVID-19 infection are limited. This means that it is not possible to test everyone who displays mild symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

The people to be tested are prioritized to make the best use of the limited testing kits and facilities.

Only those people who exhibit severe symptoms are being currently tested now.

While prioritizing testing of people is good, it leaves scope for others who may be in the initial phase of infection to be left out.

These people may be infected but since the infection is in the early stages, the symptoms would not have been clearly visible. This necessitates the need for coronavirus rapid test kits.

What is a Rapid Coronavirus Testing Kit?

The rapid coronavirus testing kits help to increase the number of people being tested for COVID-19 infection.

It makes it more convenient for healthcare workers to test people for COVID-19 infection using these rapid coronavirus testing kits.

How Can Rapid Coronavirus Testing Kit Be Used for Research?

The specimen to be tested can be whole blood or plasma.

The specimen is put in the test well and the results can be seen after 10 minutes.

The test results are reliable and accurate and can be considered as conclusive evidence of the status of COVID-19 infection.

Governments globally are trying to manufacture more such rapid testing kits for bringing a greater number of people under the testing ambit.

Salient Features of Rapid Coronavirus Testing Kit

Some of the key features of rapid coronavirus testing kits are as follows:

Quicker and Reliable Test Results

One of the most distinct advantages of using a rapid coronavirus test kit for research purposes is to get instant results. The conventional test takes some time to provide results.

Time is a critical resource for checking the spread of a pandemic like COVID-19.

These rapid test kits can provide you reliable and accurate test results in 10 minutes.

The quicker you get the results, the earlier you can take appropriate corrective action.

Faster results can help to put the infected persons in quarantine and relevant medication without any delays. It can also help to reduce the chances of infection getting spread to others.

Easy to Use

The coronavirus rapid test kits are easy to use. You need to collect the specimen for conducting the test.

The specimen can be in the form of whole blood or plasma.

How Can Rapid Coronavirus Testing Kit Be Used for Research?

You need to put the specimen in the test well and wait for at least 10 minutes to get the test results.

It makes it easier for you or the healthcare workers to conduct tests on a large number of people conveniently.

Protects Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers work tirelessly to conduct tests on people showing COVID-19 infection symptoms.

They are likely to come in contact with infected persons while testing them. The coronavirus rapid test kits use whole blood as a sample.

This means that healthcare workers can remain safe while taking samples.

The people to be tested can retain their masks while they are tested.

This helps to keep the healthcare workers safe and reduces the chances of them getting infected by this deadly virus.

How to Interpret Test Results

Once the test specimen is placed in the test well of a rapid test kit, you need to wait 10 minutes for getting the results. The test result consists of two visible indicators- the quality line (C) and the test line (T).

If only the quality line is visible after the test and the test line does not appear, then it denotes a negative test result.

On the other hand, if both the quality line and the test line appear, then it means the person being tested is positive for COVID-19 infection.

if the quality line does not appear in the test result, it indicates an invalid test result. All such tests should be conducted again to get an accurate and reliable test result.

It is important to note that the test results should be checked in 10 minutes only. If the specimen is kept in the test well for more than 10 minutes, it may lead to unreliable test results.