bFGF Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic Supplier

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Molecular Weight:
17.2 kDa


Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)


Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and FGF-β, is a growth factor and signaling protein encoded by the FGF2 gene. It is synthesized primarily as a 155 amino acid polypeptide, resulting in an 18 kDa protein.

However, there are four alternate start codons which provide N-terminal extensions of 41, 46, 55, or 133 amino acids, resulting in proteins of 22 kDa (196 aa total), 22.5 kDa (201 aa total), 24 kDa (210 aa total) and 34 kDa (288 aa total), respectively.[7]

Generally, the 155 aa/18 kDa low molecular weight (LMW) form is considered cytoplasmic and can be secreted from the cell, whereas the high molecular weight (HMW) forms are directed to the cell’s nucleus


Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade

Brand Name: ZABCbio

Model Number: ABC106

Purity: 96.0%  Test Method:HPLC

Biological Activity: 2000000IU/mg

Shelf life:3 Years Proper Storage

Heavy Metals:≤10 PPM

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Packing:1G/Bottle, 10G/Bottle,50G/Bottle or at customers’ requirements.

HS Code:29349930


Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (bFGF), also known as FGF-2, is a heparin-binding member of the FGF super family of molecules.

It plays important role in cell proliferation and differentiation associated with embryogenesis, tissue regeneration, wound healing, CNS development, angiogenesis, and tumor progression.

In normal tissue, bFGF is present in basement membranesand in the subendothelialextracellular matrix of blood vessels. It stays membrane-bound as long as there is no signal peptide.

bFGF Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic Supplier

It has been hypothesized that, during both wound healing of normal tissues and tumor development, the action ofheparan sulfate-degrading enzymes activates bFGF, thus mediating the formation of new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis.

In addition, it is synthesized and secreted by human adipocytes and the concentration of FGF2 correlates with the BMI in blood samples.

It was also shown to act on preosteoblasts – in the form of an increased proliferation – after binding tofibroblast growth factor receptor 1 and activating phosphoinositide 3-kinase.

FGF2 has been shown in preliminary animal studies to protect the heart from injury associated with a heart attack, reducing tissue death and promoting improved function after reperfusion.

Recent evidence has shown that low levels of FGF2 play a key role in the incidence of excessive anxiety.

Additionally, FGF2 is a critical component of human embryonic stem cell culture medium; the growth factor is necessary for the cells to remain in an undifferentiated state, although the mechanisms by which it does this are poorly defined.

It has been demonstrated to induce gremlin expression which in turn is known to inhibit the induction of differentiation bybone morphogenetic proteins.[13] It is necessary in mouse-feeder cell dependent culture systems, as well as in feeder and serum-free culture systems.[14] FGF2, in conjunction with BMP4, promote differentiation of stem cells to mesodermal lineages.

After differentiation, BMP4 and FGF2 treated cells generally produce higher amounts of osteogenic andchondrogenic differentiation than untreated stem cells. However, a low concentration of bFGF (10 ng/mL) may exert an inhibitory effect on osteoblastdifferentiation.

Faster delivery

  • Sample order in stock and 14 days for bulk production.
  • Our biological factors are made by our own pharmaceutical factory, not cosmetic plant.
  • 60 Days Warranty of quality of goods.



Q:How to store the product?

A:Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C or -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles and exposure to frequent temperature change

Q:What is packing details?

A:1mg , 10mg , 100mg , 1g

Q: What’s the lead time?

A:10 days



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