Hydroxychloroquine sulfate has gained more popularity as it is currently being used as an experimental drug for the treatment of COVID-19. It has not been approved as a fool-proof medication for COVID-19 till now.

The current trials are being conducted on adults with some degree of success. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, however, should be taken only on the prescription of your doctor. Some important information about hydroxychloroquine sulfate is provided below:

Why It is Used?

Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate is a popular anti-malarial medicine. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. It needs to be taken only on prescription and not by self-medication.

The drug needs to be taken before entering a malaria-infested place, during the stay at that place, and a few weeks after leaving the place.

It is also being used as an experimental medicine for the treatment of COVID-19. It is being used to stop the spread of COVID-19. Thus far, it is not approved by the FDA as medication for COVID-19.

Emergency use of hydroxychloroquine sulfate has been authorized for adults weighing 50Kgs and more and in the absence of any clinical trials.

Precautions and Disclosures Before Using

You should disclose any prior health conditions to your healthcare provider before taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate as medication.

Any disorders related to kidney, liver, hepatitis, diabetes or low blood sugar should be informed to the doctor.

Some people may be allergic to this drug and need to be tested for the same. If you have any pre-existing health condition and are on medication for it, you must disclose the same to your healthcare provider.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must disclose their condition to the healthcare provider before taking this medication. It can help you avoid any complications later.

Who Should Not Take Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate?

If you have had a previous allergy to hydroxychloroquine sulfate or chloroquine phosphate, you should not take it. In case of any eye problems involving the retina, you must consult your doctor before taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate.

It can cause further damage to your retina.

How to Take Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is generally administered orally in the form of tablets. The dosage is decided by the healthcare provider based on your current condition and medical history.

Till now, the ideal dose of hydroxychloroquine sulfate for the treatment of COVID-19 is not known. You can be treated with hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets for 4-7 days depending upon the doctor’s prescription.