Fibroblast growth factor acidic is also known as aFGF. It is a part of the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family. It is a strong mitogenic agent that performs many important tasks in the body.

Any problems or irregularities in the functioning of aFGF can cause deformities in the body.

FGFs are basically multifunctional proteins and have far-reaching effects.

It also has a wide variety of clinical applications. aFGFs are also known to bind to heparin. aFGF helps promote DNA synthesis, stimulation of cell proliferation and differentiation, tissue regeneration, and the development of the central nervous system (CNS).

The current article provides insights into the aFGF- its features and benefits.

Anti-Aging Properties

It has excellent anti-aging properties.

With regular use, cell proliferation is improved that leads to better and rejuvenated skin. It not only improves the epidermal cells but the underlying fibroblast cells too.

This results in improved skin elasticity and health. The skin cell regeneration process is also stimulated with the use of fibroblast growth factor.

You will experience your skin becoming firmer and reduction in aging lines and wrinkles with the regular use of this product.

Tissue Repair and Hair Growth

Fibroblast growth factor acidic can help with tissue repair. It can stimulate cell proliferation on the endothelial cell. This results in the faster formation of capillary blood vessels.

The use of fibroblast growth factor acidic is thus effective in healing wounds. aFGF fosters angiogenesis and the gives rise to granulation tissue.

This helps to fill the wound cavity faster and expedites the wound healing process.

If you are suffering from hair loss, then using this product can help you deal with this problem. It leads to cell proliferation on the hair cell that reduces hair loss.

This also helps to reduce baldness and causes hair growth too. You can also experience better hair growth and healthier hair.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

aFGF helps address inflammation. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used in alleviating inflammation caused by arthritis and chronic rejection.

aFGF can lead to the production of interleukin-2, which is a powerful lymphocyte growth factor.

This can result in the migration of inflammatory cells in the body and can help to reduce or eliminate inflammation.

Role in Development

aFGF plays an important role in development.

It is known to support gastrulation and formation of the three germ layers. aFGF is an important and primary factor in gastrulation.

It is also beneficial in the development of the mind and cell patterning.

Other important development roles of aFGF include induction of the inner ear, lung development, and the nervous system.

Caution Before Using

The useful properties of fibroblast growth factor acidic can be nullified by alcohol and iodine.

Hence, it is important to wash the skin on which alcohol or iodine has been used earlier before applying fibroblast growth factor acidic.

The skin should be thoroughly washed with normal saline to remove any traces of alcohol or iodine.

Salient Product Features

This product is manufactured in China. It is a cosmetic grade product with 96% purity. It is free from harmful chemicals and has a heavy metal concentration of less than 10ppm.

The product has a white appearance and is in the form of crystalline powder. It has a long shelf life of 3 years, provided it is properly stored. The product is shipped at a temperature of 4-degree Celsius. I

t should be stored in a temperature range of -20 to -80-degree Celsius. In order to preserve its properties, you should avoid subjecting it to repeated freezing cycles.

The product should also not be exposed to frequent temperature changes. It comes in different packaging sizes- 1mg, 10mg, 100mg, and 1gram. The lead time for this product is 10 days.

The sample product is always in stock. If you want to order in bulk, it will take nearly 14 days for ensuring bulk production.

The product is manufactured in the company operated pharmaceutical factory and not in any cosmetic plant.

You also get a 60-day warranty with this product.

The product is priced affordably and can be bought by most customers.

Conditions in Which You Can Use aFGF

aFGF can be used in specific conditions to provide effective results.

It has excellent cell proliferation properties that results in faster healing of wounds.

If there are any wounds on your skin due to burns, scratches, falls, etc. then using aFGF can lead to cell proliferation and quicker wound healing.

Skin damage can result in formation of freckles and redness of the skin. You can use aFGF for to repair your damaged skin and get rid of these problems.

In addition to helping in repairing your skin damage, use of aFGF can also ensure skin rejuvenation.

You will find a more elastic, supple, firm, and healthier skin with its regular use.