Novel Coronavirus has become a global pandemic. It has affected nearly all parts of the world. Since there is no known cure or vaccine for this deadly virus, early identification and diagnosis become critical.

The testing facilities are also limited and thus people find it difficult to get themselves tested. One way to ensure quick and reliable testing for the COVID-19 virus is to use rapid testing kits.

These testing kits can be helpful in early identification of the infection.

You can take precautions and corrective action immediately, thereby mitigating the risks of the infection spreading.

Problems with Coronavirus Testing

Due to the limited test facilities and infrastructure, it is not possible to test everyone who is sick.

Globally, governments have agreed to prioritize the testing and conduct it for people who show severe symptoms and need testing the most.

How Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Testing Kit Works?

Elderly people are more at risk and need to be tested. This can lead to a situation where people who may have been infected are not tested in time.

This further limit the scope of taking corrective action like quarantining these people. Testing needs to be made available on a much larger scale to ensure most people at risk are tested and necessary actions are taken in time.

Benefits of Using the Novel Coronavirus Rapid Testing Kit

Some of the key benefits of using the coronavirus rapid testing kit are as follows:

Mass Testing of People

The testing of people showing symptoms for coronavirus infection is still very limited. The shortage of testing facilities and infrastructure globally allows for only a small fraction of the people to be tested.

The testing is prioritized and only those persons depicting aggravated symptoms are generally being tested. This leaves room for people with less visible symptoms to remain untested.

These people may be infected but due to a shortage of testing facilities, they either don’t get tested or are tested when the infection has reached an advanced stage.

This coronavirus rapid testing kit can be used to test a greater number of people exhibiting likely symptoms of infection. It will help identify more cases of infection which is currently difficult due to limited testing facilities.

Organizations can also screen their workforce if they know about their employees testing positive for the virus. This rapid testing kit can contribute towards greatly reducing the chances of spreading of coronavirus by enabling early identification and diagnosis.

Early Identification and Diagnosis

As already mentioned, early identification and diagnosis is the key to fighting with coronavirus.

There are no known cures till now which makes it even more important to identify the infection at the earliest. With this coronavirus rapid testing kit, you can get yourself tested for the infection easily.

The results are also fast and reliable. The testing kit is reliable and accurate. It helps to clearly distinguish the amino acid sequence from coronavirus protein sequences.

This testing kit also helps to identify the infection even before the common symptoms appear and become visible. Another benefit of using this rapid testing kit is that it is a single-use product.

Global vaccination

One kit can be used for testing only one person. This further reduces the chances of spreading the infection due to the kit being used on an infected person earlier.

Faster Results

Another distinct advantage of using coronavirus rapid testing kit is that you get the results instantly. You can get the test results in 15 minutes.

When dealing with a pandemic of this extent and nature, it is important to know the test results quickly. With time on your hand, you can take suitable corrective action in time to prevent further spreading of the infection.

With this testing kit, you know the results quickly and this helps in quarantining and isolating the infected persons. This ensures that the chain is broken and reduces the chances of the proliferation of the infection to other people from the infected ones.

Reduces Risk of Healthcare Workers Getting Infected

Everyone has been advised to stay indoors and in isolation to help in controlling the spread of coronavirus. However, healthcare workers have to work relentlessly for performing tests on people with symptoms.

This puts them at greater risk of getting infected with this deadly virus. They come in contact with infected people also which makes them more vulnerable to getting infected.

With this reliable coronavirus rapid testing kit, the sample collection method is through your blood. The suspicious patients don’t need to take off their masks while getting tested.

The healthcare workers can collect the samples from a distance. This reduces their risks of contamination and getting infected by the coronavirus.

How to Use the Testing Kit

Using the coronavirus rapid testing kit is easy. You need to follow the below-mentioned instructions for conducting the tests and interpreting the test results:

Preparing the Kit

The first step towards testing using the kit is to prepare it.

The specimen needs to be tested and the reagents should be removed from the storage conditions.

They should be allowed to settle in the room temperature for some time before starting the test.

Adding Specimen

The coronavirus rapid testing kit should be removed from the testing bag and placed on a flat and dry surface. The next step is to add the specimen to be tested.

You should take 10 μl of the specimen or plasma and add it to the sample well.

Now add 2 drops of specimen diluent to it. Take nearly 20 μl of whole blood and add it to the sample well. This should be followed by adding 2 drops (100 μl) of specimen diluent.

You can get the test result within 10 minutes after adding the sample.

The results may be affected if the reaction time exceeds 15 minutes. Hence, it is important to take the test readings after 10 minutes only.

Getting the Results

If you can see two lines- quality control line (Q) and test line (T)- appear after conducting the test, then it denotes a positive result. Such persons are infected from coronavirus and should be placed in quarantine immediately.

If only the quality control line appears and the test line does not appear, then the result is negative.

How Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Testing Kit Works?

The person is not infected in such cases. In case both the quality control line and test line fail to appear, then it implies an invalid test. all such persons will need to be tested again using this coronavirus rapid testing kit.

Other Product Quality

This coronavirus rapid testing kit is made in high-quality and state-of-the-art factories.

The factory is completely owned by the company which ensures complete quality control and assurance.

The product is free from any defect and provides fast and reliable test results. It is already being accepted by many testing institutions and providing accurate results.

You can get test results within 15 minutes that help in early identification and diagnosis. The testing kit is also priced affordably.

People or testing facilities having a tight budget can also afford it. It can help in screening the infected people and reducing the rapid spread of the virus to others. the healthcare workers are also protected from continued exposure to infected persons by using this rapid testing kit.