Current Coronavirus Status

Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is a viral infection that has become a global pandemic.

It originated in Wuhan, China and since then has spread to most parts of the world. It has already infected many people globally. The fatalities from COVID-19 are increasing by the day.

Since there is no cure for it now, testing and early identification of the infection is critical in stopping its spread.

Testing Status

Despite the COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic, not everyone is being tested for it. The major reason for this is the limited testing infrastructure and facilities.

Only those people who show aggravated and advanced symptoms of the infection are currently being tested. The governments worldwide are trying to prioritize the testing and use the testing facilities only for the neediest.

This always leaves scope for people who may be infected by the virus but are in the early stage of infection to be left out of the testing process.

Hence, coronavirus rapid test kits are needed to increase the number of people being tested and reduce the spread of this dangerous virus.

Why Coronavirus Rapid Test Kit is Needed

There is no known vaccine or cure for COVID-19 infection.

Timely action and prevention are the best cure for it currently. As already mentioned, the testing facilities for COVID-19 infection is severely limited.

Due to this, only those persons who have aggravated symptoms are being tested in different countries. A coronavirus rapid test kit can make it possible to test a greater number of people.

It can help greatly in the early identification and diagnosis of the infection.

Once the authorities can identify the infection in tested people, they can take timely necessary action.

The infected people can be put in quarantine and relevant treatment. This will not only help in their treatment but also check the spread of the infection.

Bottom Line

Rapid test kit reduces the chances of healthcare workers getting infected from the persons they test. These kits use whole blood or plasma as test specimens.

The persons being tested need not remove their masks while the test is conducted. This reduces the vulnerability of the healthcare workers and makes them safer from the COVID-19 infection.

The test results are also obtained within 10 minutes which is lesser when compared to the conventional COVID-19 tests.

These coronavirus rapid test kits also provide reliable results which can help in taking immediate corrective actions.