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Zabcbio is a high-tech company specializing in pharmaceutical and advanced materials, involving API,pharmaceutical intermediates and  biochemistry. We specialize in new pharmaceutical intermediates  which can be used for the treatment of coronavirus , Recombinant protein, Antibodies with advanced facilities. We have an experienced team of over 5 scientists (with necessary educational and technical background) dedicated to innovation in new products development, cost optimization.

Quality Control

Quality is the life of our factory, first, each raw materials, we will test it first, if qualified, we will process the manufacturing with this raw materials, if not, we will return it to our supplier, and after each manufacturing step, we will test it, and then all the manufacturing process finished, we will do the final test before the commodities left our factory.

We have advanced test equipments and production line of international standard to ensure the stability for our products quality.  

Our Process

  1. Isolation of desired gene (gene cloning technology)
  2. Selection of vector and insertion of a gene
  3. Transfer of r-DNA vector into host cells.
  4. Identification, isolation of recombinant gene cells
  5. Expression of cloned genes

What We Offer?

We have an experienced team of over 5 scientists (with necessary educational and technical background) dedicated to innovation in new product development, cost optimization, and novel route scouting projects.

The chief scientist obtained Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad, Newton Advanced Fellowship, the Academy of Medical Sciences, Invited reviewer for Nature Genetics, Developmental Cell, Nature Communications



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Chief scientist is very famous expert, international team including 3 professors from Ukraine.

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High Quality

Our R&D team established unique and independent expression system, Protein expression is high purity and high efficiency.


Advanced Facilities

Latest and advanced devices and equipments, invested by Government funds. Free of charge!


Fast Delivery

We have unique and advanced tech,yeast can be grown faster . Due to this, we can obtain the desired product formed in a shorter time.

NO.1.What is NMN?

NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide): The full name is "β-nicotinamide mononucleotide", which is a naturally occurring biologically active nucleotide. There are two irregular forms of NMN, α and β; β isomer is the active form of NMN with a molecular weight of...

Difference of NMN,NAD+,NR

NAD+ is an important coenzyme in the mitochondria for aerobic oxidation and metabolism of tricarboxylic acid cycle to generate energy   molecular ATP, so that the three types of nutrients obtained by the human body: sugar, fat and protein, are transformed into the...

How to Use Recombinant Porcine Trypsin

Porcine trypsin is a reagent used for manufacturing several medicinal products. It is extracted from the pancreatic glands of pigs due to which it carries the risk of being contaminated with adventitious agents. Porcine trypsin can be manufactured as a powder or a liquid solution depending upon the application.

What Is Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate?

What Is Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate?

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate has gained more popularity as it is currently being used as an experimental drug for the treatment of COVID-19. It has not been approved as a fool-proof medication for COVID-19 till now.

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